Sunday, 11 May 2014

What's In My Bag...

I don't know about you, but I just luuuurve these sort of posts - you know the ones that peek into one's handbag, or take a sneaky peak at one's dresser/vanity or wardrobe? Call me Pervy McPervason, but I just love how they reveal so much about a woman; whether she's the 5-minute-and-go-no-nonsense type, or more of a labour-over-every-eyelash type... I definitely fall into that latter category, even though I aspire to be more like the former. I don't know what it is about those effortless types that seemingly flip the bird at all those contouring tutorials on Pinterest and go You know what? Stuff you, bronzer. but still manage to look so stinkin' lovely. Must be all in the attitude. What do you think??

Anyway, here's what's in my bag. I just got home from the mall the other day and took photos of its innards. I like the spontaneous What's In My Bag photos, not the one's where the owner has obviously carefully curated its contents and culled any messy human-y things and made it look more like a magazine spread of what one SHOULD carry in an imaginary perfectly baby poop-free existence... 

Nah. This is real life man. 

This is what I carry when I'm going out with the toddler who has already eaten lunch (and done his "business" for the day) - it's a whole 'nutha story (and different handbag) when we're going out for lunch... and I anticipate toddler thunder down under. Sorry. Real life. 

And on that poetic note, I present to you, my bag. Or as the Americans call it, my purse. Teehee. Sounds so ladylike. 

Side snaps opened up to allow for more stuffage
Oh hey there, you're lookin' fiiine...
You know who's lookin' fine tonight? Seth Mosakowski. Name that movie. 
All the business (L-R sort of): snack cup, sippy cup, food pouch, oil papers case, cracker wrapper, wallet, tissues, receipts, photos, dangly bag hook, Raybans, phone, raisins, pen drive, coin purse, Baby Lips, NARS lippie, Stila powder, hand sanitiser, hand cream, keys, wet wipes PHEW
Mirror, lip stuff and powder goes into the inside zippered pocket
Pen drive and card thingamajig that came with the bag go in the small inside unzippered pocket
Receipts and photos in back zippered pocket
Hand sanitiser and hand cream - so cute! They're from Etude House and both smell lovely!
Wet wipes in the front zippered pocket
Everything else just in the main compartment: sunnies, snacks, keys, wallet and sippy cup

Hope you enjoyed!

How's your bag? Do you even carry a bag? Maybe you carry a purse. In that case, what's in your purse? Is it neatly organised? Do you carry your entire life with you? Have you run out of gum like me? Do you have a cutesy pink macaron coin purse from the kids section in Whitcoull's too? Do you have bag hook dongle too? I dunno. I just love this sort of stuff. I'm now off to browse Pinterest and be all Peeping Tom at more purse innards. Oh yeah. 



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    1. They are supreme in the world of lip balms! But... I don't need to tell you that ;) #babylipsaddictsunite