Sunday, 25 May 2014

Photo Dump: OOTDs and Other Such

Wow - where'd the week go? Is it the end of the week already?? I've been pretty slack this week; instead of doing anything productive in the creative sense, a lot of time was spent in front of the screen just catching up on GoT. I watched the first season with some interest, couldn't be bothered with the second and third but read all the synopses on them, have been up-to-date with the fourth so far and have suddenly become interested in catching up. Thus, my week is gone. And thus, I say crap like 'thus' cos my brain is all in Game-of-Thronesy-speak. How bad-ass is Tyrion? He was definitely one of my characters since the very first episode and everything I've watched so far has solidifed my enthusiasm over him - no spoilers here. Just lots of woots: wootwoot!! Everyone loves a smart man, no? ^-^ 

I have no real content for you today, just a photo dump - ancient stuff here. And I mean, last year sort of ancient. I could go even further back... for some reason I just have piles and piles of these sort of photos. I don't have Facebook so I've had absolutely nowhere to put these snaps. Isn't it just pitiful?? Can you imagine?? "MAN I look purdy," *snap* "WOW what a purdy photo of me lookin purdy..." ... ... ... *crickets chirp*

Thank you blog. You've justified my crazy.

What I wore to the wee man's Christening: Mango top, Zara coat, Korean skirt and shoes (forgot the brand), Cotton On belt, Alexander McQueen scarf

Kmart tank top, Jeans West singlet (layered underneath), Cotton On (Men's) chambray, Witchery leggings, Glassons studded loafers, Vero Moda anorak, Prada tote, Chanel scarf (tied onto bag), Michael Kors watch

Accessories: Marc by Marc Jacobs key pouch, Marc by Marc Jacobs rubber bracelet, MK watch, House of Harlow ring, wedding rings

Some sequinned fold up flats I keep in the car (just in case!)

Kmart sweatshirt, Splendid reversible sherpa vest, V&S jacket, ASOS jeans, ASOS leather boots

Waiting with the faux dog for the Master to awake from his slumber so we can go out

What my mornings used to look like - morning coffee, draw on the face, listen to some music while the Master slept

The battlefield

Designated area for the Master's noms. The Green Monkey brand tastes AMAZING! NZ-made, certified organic and babies love the taste. 

ASOS maxi, Country Road cardigan, Cotton On belt, Kmart heels, MK watch, MJ bracelet, Belle Noel bangle

The Master's hair used to stand up on end for some reason - no product necessary, just a Saiyan baby.

ASOS shirt, ASOS jeans, Kmart heels, MJ bracelet, MK watch

The Master's big-boy seat - this thing can rear-face for toddlers so it's incredibly safe

A shoe family portrait - can you tell I'm obsessed with a certain cheapy pair from Kmart?? They were $19 and I can't tell you how many people have stopped me to compliment these babies. Added bonus: since they're block heels they're ultra comfy and steady (for heels anyway)

Watching some NFL - got to start them young. This is back when we had the baby jail going!

Xmas dinner attire: Free People dress, Country Road tank top, Belle Noel bangle, Kmart heels, Xmas accessories from dollar store

Country Road metallic knit sweater, vintage Levi's cut-offs, Wolfords, No.1 Shoes ballet flats, Mimco necklace, MK watch

Switched out the old glass dining table for this Rimu beauty

Training to become a football super star like Alessandro Del Piero ^_<

Chicken-stance - helped him keep his balance I guess when he was new to walking

Sorry about the irrelevant photo dump. I'll have some proper content this coming week - I've fully caught up with GoT so I'll be rejoining real life again. Also, The Mentalist is finished, Suits isn't back till mid-June and I've no idea how behind I am on Vampire Diaries... last episode I watched Elena had only JUST become a vampire. Die-hard fans just spluttered because I'm really REALLY behind. Yeah. So I'll be productive this week, I think! I hope! Unless some new show sucks me in... please don't!!! 


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