Friday, 9 May 2014

Photo Dump: Long Weekend Away

Just last weekend we took a trip up north to the hubs' hometown for an old school friend's wedding. It was cold here in Christchurch when we were leaving, so I packed 4 sweaters for our 4 day trip, but I ended up not using any of them! It was t-shirt weather the entire time we were there and I soaked in as much sun and sea breeze as I could. 

My in-laws live on the water so I was lucky enough to wake every morning to serene views of the bay. The small fart had a ball of a time; wandering around on their lawn, sloshing in the water in his new gumboots, pointing at all the strange birds that flew by...

It definitely went a lot better than our last trip just a couple of months ago - it seems being just a couple of months older make a world of a difference in toddlers. (Also helps that he wasn't sick this time!!!)

We were flat-out busy catching up with all the hubby's old friends and also the in-law's friends that were eager-beaver to meet the Master for the first time. The wedding was on the Saturday and my amazing mother-in-law managed to put the Master down to sleep by herself, no problems - that was the first time ever that someone other than myself had done this, with no qualms from the lil guy. He has come leaps and bounds, that fella. Sure helps that his routine nowadays is just bath, change, tuck in, give blankie and wave bye. I'm happy. 

Photo dump commencing.

Carry-on luggage: Mountainbuggy Nano, LittleLife Toddler Daysack and Marc Jacobs Eliz-a-baby bag
View from the deck
Small fart hangin' out with the grandparents' dog
Chillin' with grandma
Early mornin' view from the living room
Checking out the birdies with granddad
Tide coming in
Glorious t-shirt weather
Tide fully out... and an awesome sunset <3
Wedding attire: vintage silk slip, Mango blazer
Walking down memory lane - hubby's old high school
Sick as playground... my old school wasn't half as cool as this
Wonderful nature
This place is just too cool
Mine... mine... mine...
Hanging out with daddy
This guy had so much fun running under the jetty, over and over again
... Yeah he got soaked (so worth it)
Can't wait to go back!


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