Friday, 11 April 2014

Out and About: Christchurch ReStart

Today we took the LittleLife Toddler Daysack out for a test drive to the CBD's ReStart container mall. The BugaBoo was in the car juuust in case, but I had reinforcements in the form of 2 grandmothers and a great aunt, so I figured today was a good day to be adventurous...

Despite the light drizzling every now and again, the weather wasn't as cold as I thought it'd be thankfully. 

Trying to find a car park was a nightmare despite so many buildings being taken down and turned into parking sites. The only time I missed the BugaBoo was walking to the mall from the car! It wasn't far, but when you're carrying a 10+kg toddler even just walking 20 metres makes your biceps BURN. Instant tickets to the gun show. Pewpew.

I'd say maybe the wee guy is still a little too young for the harness - he kept falling over, flailing on the ground, losing his balance, pulling and then falling over... wow. We were quite the sight in the department store. We ended up just taking the harness off, letting him run free and carrying him if we needed to go somewhere. But I think by the time we go on our Singapore/Korea trip in September (which is what I bought the backpack for), when he's 20 months, he will be a bit more obedient ... and balanced. 

As for what's inside the tiny backpack, it's just a teeny tiny pack of wet wipes, piddly lil box of raisins and his snack cup with cheerios.

Anywho. Some photos? 

Here's the master:

Grandma and the little dino
Pumpkin Patch hoodie, jacket and beanie, Burberry T, Country Road pants, See Kai Run shoes,  LittleLife daysack
Mmm... oh sweet sweet woodfired pizza. We had the Sgt Peppers one and the Hawaiian with FRESH pineapples (the master enjoyed nomming on the crusts). Thanks again to the lovely staff member that wiped down the benches for us with a proper towel. You rock. 

And now for the mall itself:

Container shops
Lots of old landmarks are gone now... 

We also visited the Cardboard Cathedral (our transitional Cathedral/current replacement of our old landmark cathedral) near Latimer Square. Click here to watch a pretty cool 2 min time lapse video of the construction. This innovative building was designed by award-winning architect Shigeru Ban.  

86 cardboard tubes, each weighing almost 500kg (1,100 pounds) each
Look at allllll that cardboard (and stained glass)
Incredible Stations of the Cross exhibition by John Badcock to the left (gutted I didn't take better photos; I was too busy trying to shush a squawking toddler. RUDE.)
That cross is cardboard too
Lots and lots of cardboard
For the wee man one day

The hardest part of our outing was visiting the CTV site and art installation. I didn't edit these photos (except third one down 'cause lighting was too dark), I'll just leave them as is... no words for these. 


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