Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mid-week Photo Dump and OOTDs

It's taking me too long to do the sort of posts that I've been doing so far... as satisfying as they are for me, they're a LONG read, most people don't want to read a novel on a blog post, and sometimes, it's better to just bang out some short sharp posts. It helps break up the long-warbling anyhow. 

Without further ado, mini Photo Dump:
The Master's newest jacket for winter (from Pumpkin Patch)
Stormy cold days calls for snuggly knit sweaters - this one's from Country Road (size M). ASOS jeans and Mi Piaci over-the-knee leather boots
Sudden fine days with lots of sun, calls for a maxi dress of autumn-appropriate colours - Country Road again - and a light grey cardi (Just Jeans)
Purchases from the Diva closing-down sale - both necklaces used to be $30. The one on the left I consider a splurge but bargain-buy for the one on the right!! It looks much more expensive than what I paid for it. (Tip: if possible, try avoid purchasing lower-end necklaces that have a lot of metal detail that sits on the back of the neck - it's likely to tarnish verrrry quickly. If unavoidable, spray with clear spray paint to protect the finish or avoid wearing on super hot days when you're more likely to perspire.) 
Same statement necklace as above - Kmart tshirt (size 16 for a slouchy fit) worn back to front, ASOS skinnies and Shoedazzle leopard print flats
Country Road metallic foil knit sweater, same necklace as before, Country Road printed pants, Matiko studded loafers
ASOS order arrived: some winter essentials... lol I tried fixing this photo up so the mittens didn't look so much like fish...
ASOS studded bustier
Amplified Tshirt (large size) - I love this T; it's very well-constructed and has laundered well so far
Jorge button up vest - love the detailing on this
Fun embroidered detail
ASOS sequin ovoid dress (sorry about the lighting)
Shimmery mermaid-y goodness


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