Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Maternity Wear: Old OOTDs & Baby Bump Progression

These are a bunch of super old OOTD shots from 2 years back when I was preggo (I'm not sure of exact dates till the last few shots sorry).

8 weeks roughly (almost 2 months)
Warehouse merino sweater, Jeans West jeans, Witchery necklace

13 weeks roughly (3 months, end of first trimester)
Country Road top, Cotton On belt, cheapo jeans from Korea, Michael Kors watch, Belle Noel bangle

19 weeks
Wish dress, Glassons cardigan, Cotton On belt, Belle Noel bangle

21 weeks (4.5 months-ish)
Kmart tank top, Jeans West jeans, Witchery jacket, Alexander McQueen scarf, MK watch, Belle Noel bangle

22 weeks roughly
Witchery silk shirt, Jeans West jeans, MK watch, Belle Noel bangle

24 weeks roughly (5 months-ish)
Country Road colour-block dress

30 weeks (6.5 months-ish, in the last trimester) - deceptive angle btw
Just Jeans sequin top, Cotton On (men's) chambray, Pumpkin Patch jeans

34 weeks
Temt top (XL), Esprit shorts

37 weeks (8 months-ish)
ASOS dress, plaited trim from Lincraft worn as belt lol

38 weeks
Supre tank top, Pumpkin Patch skirt, Witchery silk tank

39 weeks
Supre tank top, Zara tank layered on top, Pumpkin Patch skirt

40 weeks (9 months)
Mango cowl neck top, Pumpkin Patch

Hehe. My OOTDs weren't that inspiring back then (especially towards the end where it was the peak of summer and I could only bear to wear a skirt and some tank tops) but that aside, Memory Lane's sure a funny thing. It's funny thinking that the toddler that runs around right now, demanding my attention and squawking and doing all sorts of adorable things, was just a lil bun back then. Just a squishy lil nugget, growing in my belly.

Anyway. I remember when I got pregnant I was super excited about all the maternity clothes I could wear, but actually, most of the time, I just wore my normal clothes. My belly didn't grow as fast or as large as I expected it would... every woman is different, but I noticed as a whole, most first time mummies don't get a noticeable baby bump until at least 20 weeks. I remember trying to justify myself to people, "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant, I swear!!" Kind of annoying when it's not a 'proper' bump and just extra squishy-ness.

That top I'm wearing in that last shot, that's no maternity top; just an ordinary cowl neck top I got in Nice the year before. In fact, almost all the tops I'm wearing in the above photos are ordinary tops - bar the first photo with the black sweater and the white tank top where I'm 21 weeks (the navy striped Temt top was just a super large ruched t-shirt that looks like maternity wear). I just happen to own a lot of flowy, roomy, stretchy tops apparently. 

I like Kmart and The Warehouse for plain-coloured ruched maternity tank tops. Pumpkin Patch Maternity sometimes has some decent bottoms like jeans and skirts and tights - they also have frequent sales. Also, ASOS has a fantastic range of maternity wear. I particularly like the items from the brand New Look; chic and great price point.

No doubt, one day, when I'm preggo again, I'll be writing about new finds that are a tad more fashionable and chic. (NOT YET!)


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