Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Photo Dump Part 2

Oh my. Teething sick baby is no fun. I'm sick as well so I'm barely making it through today but here I am trying to catch up. 

ASOS jeans, Matiko loafers, Ballantynes sweater (XL, sorry forgot the brand)

Witchery silk tank, Country Road glam sweats, cardi and flats (lol - unintentional!)

We've instituted Saturday Date Night which is comprised of wine, candles, cheese, crackers and just recently, Sherlock ;) hahaha

Breaking open a new Moleskine... the first few pages = IMMENSE PRESSURE!

Maxi Cosi Pria aka the Big Boy Seat - it's great cos it allows him to be rear-facing for longer (safer) but the recline is a pain in the butt for him. Safety first though right? 

Me new shoesies - I normally don't spend a lot on shoes as I wear them down phenomenally fast, but these were an exception. Still, it was a pretty affordable $45 on sale. Made in Italy! 

Lovely bottle from one of my dearest friends that resides abroad <3 (miss you xo)

Getting groceries on a particularly frosty morning - Bugaboo Donkey workin' hard

Jeans + suspenders from Pumpkin Patch sale, my fave Kmart Tshirts (I buy 'em XL) and some cheapy beauty products from Kmart - the lip stain is mega stay-put. It's a shame the same couldn't be said for the eyeliner (though the application is easy as pie). 

The Master insists on feeding himself. It gets messy FAST. 

The waterproof overalls and jacket are from Farmers (Teeny Weeny brand), $28 each on sale

Oh I'm nearly there. 


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