Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Overdue Post: Photo Dump Part 1

Hi-ho! 'Tis winter and I hate it! I've no excuse for not posting! 

I've 3 Photo Dumps to share - I'm cheating and splitting it into 3 because... well... it's hard looking at a huge photo-heavy post with no breaks. Here's Part 1: the Super Old Stuff.

Country Road metallic sweater, Witchery necklace, ASOS coated jeans, Michael Kors watch
Shot of ACV in warm water (plus tsp of honey) and grapefruit for a strangely healthy sort of breakfast -  hated it. It's winter dangit. I need soup and toast. 

Kmart T (size 16 for oversized look), Glassons chambray, Witchery leggings, Prada tote, ASOS boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet, MK watch, Diva necklace

ASOS boots and Witchery leggings (and rug) close up - no shoesies allowed but a momentary lapse in discipline for the sake of fashion

Max blazer, Kmart T (size 16 and backwards), Korean jeans, Diva necklace

Travel atomiser and EOS lipbalms from Star Cosmetics

My fave loafers (Matiko) and my fave jeans (ASOS)

A fun Kmart onesie lol


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