Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Pregnancy 2.0: the First Trimester...

This post takes me waaay back to the end of last year, beginning of this year. That's not that long ago right? WRONG. It's August now - I have to keep reminding myself! No, it's not May or June, it's freakin' August yo.

Anywho. So we found out we were expecting 2.0 just after Christmas - I had a weeeird feeling, but I wasn't keeping track, nor were we making any 'proper' concerted effort to conceive... I didn't think I was technically 'late' but took a test anyway.

Well shet.

It wasn't all that hard to keep the pregnancy a secret from friends and extended family as we were away on holiday and by the time we had settled back into our usual schedule, I was about 10 weeks anyway and I wasn't feeling too precious about keeping it a secret anymore.

I had an additional scan at 10 weeks to confirm my dates. Then I was back again at 12-13 weeks for our first proper scan. Wow what a difference 2 weeks makes! Baby went from being a tiny little bean with a heartbeat and wee stubs as limbs, floating in a massive bubble, to an actual human baby with toes and fingers and everything!

10 weeks vs 13 weeks

Symptoms-wise, there was no morning sickness or nausea, but extreme exhaustion set in at around the 7 or 8 week mark til I hit around week 14 - so much like my last pregnancy! This time round was obviously harder cos I had my toddler to run around after, but I did my best to catch as much couch time as possible.

For a couple months before getting pregnant, I was running twice a week and doing dance fitness twice a week but the moment that tiredness hit, I cut it back to only going to dance fitness just once a week. 

Running every other day while on holiday in the North Island - when you're on the beach, it's hard not to enjoy the run!

Also, I somewhat pulled my back at the start of December and it went it away for a few weeks but when I first found out I was pregnant it got mega sore again and didn't disappear til I reached my 2nd trimester. Even driving for more than 10 minutes at a time would aggravate it. For a while there I was concerned that it was just gonna hang around til the very end of my pregnancy and leave with a bang (like back labour again) but thankfully it just went away quietly at the end of the first trimester!

Bump-wise, nothing really happened but my pants did start feeling a teeny bit snug towards the end and I felt rather bloated, but nothing majorly noticeable... 

The beginnings of a baby bump or just pizza? (12 weeks)

A few items I bought from the Sleep Store - you know, in case the Master isn't keen on sharing his swaddles...

Kept up with drinking healthy juices all summer long - to health!

No weird cravings, no weird dreams, nothing really to report at all! 

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