Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Photo Dump: Recent Obsessions

Update: We've just come back from a holiday so I've got a lot of catching up to do... sound like a broken record? Yup. Grizzlegrizzle. For the time being, here's a not-too-out-of-date post that I was meant to hit, 'publish' on before we left but ran out of time inbetween packing enough nappies and pyjamas for the Master. 

Obsessions of Late~

Obsession 1: Hair cut and colour 

I went much shorter and lighter for this coming spring/summer - my inspiration pics that I took to the hairdresser were of long bobs with some subtle balayage/ombre work. I had to go back and get the fringe bits darkened but overall I'm super happy with it. 

BONUS - the Master got his first pro hair cut. $10 seemed very reasonable considering I was there for about an hour to get my fringe darkened as well. 

Obsession 2: DBZ Capsule Corp tank top

I went to watch the new Dragonball Z movie 'Battle of the Gods' with my brother at the end of August (and I won the Season 1 DVD - omg!). To celebrate I ordered my first DBZ tank top from Red Bubble. It was uber overpriced for what it was but I'm at least thrilled that I've worn it a million times already (with washes in between yo). What I love about this particular piece of DBZ merchandise is that it sticks out as fan-merch to fans only and to the non-fan it's just some logo-T. Could be from Cotton On for all they know!

Obsession 3: Cafe Corner for the Master

After getting him a table and chair set, the wall that it rested along seemed too bare so I came up with this brilliant idea to turn it into a cutesy cafe-style gallery wall. There's still some art I need to finish up for it but the corner itself is coming along nicely. I want to make a slip-cover for that Kmart flip-out sofa eventually to fit the 'cafe' theme but it's tolerable as is for now. How cute is the wee artificial hydrangea in the cute bottle? Both are from The Warehouse. The placemat and doilies are from Spotlight. 

The Superheroes Alphabet chart took me forever and in hindsight I kind of wish I'd just done it digitally and then have it printed. Too late now! 

Excuse the mess....

Obsession 4: Froyo, Pasta and Cheese - Oh my!

I dunno why, but I've digging food lately. I'm not much of a foodie. Not at all actually. To be honest, if I could just take a pill that filled me up for the whole day and provided me with all the necessary nutrients, I'd take it. I hate cooking, cleaning up after and the whole process of sitting down to eat and drink etc. Ugh. BUT LATELY, I've been gorging on buckets of froyo, actually enjoying making a simple pasta bake, inhaling double-cream camembert like it's nectar of the gods, and sweets. Everyone keeps buying me sweets. It was my birthday not too long ago so people have been fattening spoiling me with sweets. Stahp it. No keep going. But really you should stahp...

No one digs the froyo more than this man... I just get him the plain or fruit flavour (though my vice is the coffee one...) and load up on the fruit and maybe some fruit pearls. No more sour worms or rainbow belts for me either :(

Simple pasta bake... I wanted wine so I gave the Master a disposable wine glass of water. I think he felt posh. 

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